Election info

The AS election meeting will be in two parts this year, on 29.10. and 18.11. in TU2, Maarintie 8. In the first part we will elect a Former of the Board. The Board will be appointed based on the Former of the Board’s proposal in the second part.

The rest of the Heads of our Committees will be elected in the second part. The Heads of Committees will then interview and choose the rest of our Officials after the meeting.

Our new forum will function as the primary platform for discussion and information about the elections. If you have any questions you can post them there or ask directly from the Chairman @niinainen on Telegram or the forum or by email pj@as.fi.

Instructions for applying

  • To apply to be an official fill in this application.

  • To apply to be a board member or a head of a committee post on this forum (Vaalit 2020). Some positions, such as board positions may be more difficult without Finnish proficiency.

  • You can find this years committees here.

The schedule:

12.10 Election panel
14.10. Application period for a Former of the Board and for the Board’s member begins
29.10. Election meeting part 1 in TU2, Maarintie 8

  • Electing a Former of the Board

11.11. Application period for the board members ends.
29.10.-16.11. The Former of the Board interviews the applicants

  • The proposal for the Board for 2020 is made public 16.11

18.11. Election meeting part 2 in TU2, Maarintie 8

  • Appointment of the Board based on the Former of the Board’s proposal.
  • Forming of the committees
  • Election of the Heads of committees

25.11. Application period for guild officials ends and the interview process begins.