DSDeputy Application 2023

Heyyy :hugs: I’m Bia, a second year DSD student and I’m extremely enthusiastic about this new position, DSDeputy :star_struck:. It is a great opportunity for (us) DSD students to be heard and definitely not one to be taken for granted!

The overall integration of the DSD gang to the AS community has been good, but has also left room for improvement! Currently, many DSD students feel alienated from the guild either bc of a language barrier or cultural differences. Small changes on our guild’s practices - like the addition of a DSDeputy and more encouragement/assurance to accommodate non-Finnish speaking students - will not only help smoothing out the integration process, but also make our guild more inviting and homey to everyone.

Working together with the fuksi and MISC captains, I want to ensure the new coming fuksis (freshmen) feel welcomed into our guild and culture, specially help those with uncertainties/anxiety as to whether or not they belong with the rest of the guild. Furthermore, I want to revamp the relationship older DSD students have with AS! More often than not, older DSD students end up scattering and get distance from the guild after their first year. We definitely need to change that, and I plan to do so by motivating an active DSD community throughout all years of our studies… meaning more DSDevenings, better telegram chats :right_anger_bubble:, more voice/encouragement to the students and anything else we can think of! Of course organizing DSD events and opportunities would be at the top of my priorities list as DSDeputy, but I believe the position’s main focus should be integration. As it is a new position, I want to make sure it brings DSD closer to AS, instead of alienating us even more than currently. It is not enough to create DSD exclusive events, as we want more presence and involvement with the guild as a whole!

I believe I’d be a good choice for the position as I have been active in the guild since the beginning of my studies and gained quite some experience while at it! So far, I’ve been working with the guild as an active DSD tutor, cultural journeyperson (organizing events), corporate “agent” (talking to sponsor companies) and part of the IE committee. I am enthusiastic about working with our fellow guild members and look forwards to my future experiences with AS :hugs:.

Feel free to approach me anytime with questions, comments, concerns or random chats :laughing:.

EXTRA: I have specifically discussed collaboration opportunities with MISC Captain candidate (Mimi Määttä), and we believe joining forces is essential to improve our guild’s welcoming and integrating of international students! We have had a lot of past experience working together (for example: organizing DSD events as ISOs) and would be a great team for this challenge.

Who? Bia (tg: @bia_glaser)
What? DSDeputy :policeman:
When? AS elections 2022