Application: MISC 2023 (Master’s and International Students Captain)

Hey all!
I’m Anthony, a third year DSD student, and TCK originally from :finland: :fr: :de: :madagascar:. With 4 nationalities and growing up in 5 countries, ‘international’ has always been a key descriptor of my identity. As a corona-fuksi, at times we faced unprecedented challenges staying true to our Teekkari heritage - a challenge despite which we came together to form an incredible international community, one I am thankful and lucky to be a part of.

Now considering this opportunity to give something back to the community, as MISC I would be able to contribute in welcoming and integrating our next generation of masters and exchange students in an ever more meaningful way, and following in my predecessors footsteps in fostering a positive and inclusive culture for all of us. I feel that we AS have been quite progressive in integrating the international community and shifting towards a bilingual and inclusive structure, yet I still believe there is room for improvement. I find myself in a unique position where I have a solid understanding of both Finnish and international culture. Moreover, re-integrating into Finland after over a decade living abroad in a diverse set of vastly different cultures, I am in many ways able to relate to the international student’s experience coming to Finland. These combined with experience as a DSD tutor, I feel I have a solid background for this responsibility in integrating these groups into AS.

Our community of exchange, master’s, and DSD students combined make up no minority, and I want to be a part of making 2023/2024 one of which everyone has amazing memories. As a member of the international committee, I also want to collaborate with our future DSDeputy to bring more DSD inclusive events and activities to our guild, as well as encouraging more people from the Finnish side to participate in international events. I believe finding ways to promote cross cultural participation in events is key to further unifying the different AS study paths and advancing our agenda in pushing for a more internationally friendly AS, this also includes finding ways to collaborate with our Fuksi-captains and ISO’s. I’m eager to be more a part of this guild and its future, as well as making new memories with you all!

Cheers :beers:

Who? Anthony – tg @anthonyreineck
What? Master’s and International Student Captain 2023
Why? Give back to the community, push for positive change, more parties!
Experience? DSD Tutor 2021/2022


Less fucking go my bro :heart::heart::heart: