Application for Sports Master 2023


I’m Mohammad, second year Master’s student at Aalto University, studying Automation Engineering. I am a very active and sports enthusiastic person. Last academic year, I have been an active sports person and participated in several sports events from AS guild, as well as from some other guilds (i.e: Inkubio). During last year I learned somewhat the know-how about the sports committee, and made some network with other sporty people from our guild as well as some other guilds. Besides, I also got some new ideas to get AS sports committee involved and engage more students for the sports and well-being activities. Therefore, I think myself perfectly suitable for the role of AS Sports Master and lead the AS sports committee for the upcoming year 2023.


WHO? Mohammad Shahidul (Sakke)
WHAT? SportsMaster
WHY? To make ASsports committee great! :slight_smile:
Tel: +358 505958129
TG: @s13khan