Application for Master's and International Student Captain 2023


My name is Mimi Määttä, a second-year DSD student, and a DSD responsible tutor aka vastuuISO. My time in the guild has been a blast, I have been amazed by the spirits brought by everyone to make our guild wholesome. As an active member of the guild, I got a chance to see how AS operates. But my work does not stop there, I want to get deep in so here we go…

Over the year, I found myself fond of the Master and International community. Being a MISC has always been on my bucket list, since the day I stepped foot in AS. I was born and raised in a Far Eastern country, but I have spent 1/3 of my life living in Finland. This means I have been through all the struggles of a foreigner adapting to the country, and have had enough time to enjoy my life as a Finn😝. I want to help new coming freshmen speed up the integration process so that they can have more time to enjoy Finland as a whole.

A not-very-small part of the international community is exchange students who happen to be in Finland for a very short period of time. I intend to give them the best memories out of their time in Finland by introducing them to all aspects of the Finnish culture, including our proud Teekkari culture. One of the greatest memories from my freshmen year was seeing exchange friends flying back to Finland for Vappu, or pulling out their Teekkari caps to celebrate it in their home countries.

Based on my experiences, AS has done right by our international students. However, I still see room for improvement. Starting off, I believe the MISC should have an active collaboration with the new DSDeputy. With a strong bond between DSD and MISC, I believe our guild will succeed when working towards a more bilingual and international guild. I have been discussing ideas with a DSDeputy candidate (Bia) and we agree that working together on small changes to the guild’s practices will make our international students more welcomed and better integrated into our culture! We have had a lot of experience working together and would be a great team for this challenge. On top of that, it is also important to collaborate with the FuksiCaptains and ISOs to make sure we include everyone with good spirits. I want to introduce AS as a home to international students!

Quick CV:

Who? Mimi Määttä (tg: @Mimi_Maatta)

What? MISC

Why? Because Teekkari culture is amazing

What have I done?

  • 2022: vastuuISO, Aski-guardian, Cultural Journeyperson, member of Finance Committee

Honorable reward?